Zebulun's account of the adventures of the 4DDS part 2

4DDS Zebulun

We found ourselves in an other tavern, drinking to our hearts’ content. This time there was an Assassin offering us an exuberant amount of money to find a magic book written in blood. The money put a smile on my face which was quickly wiped away by the thought of what the book might contain. Ugg… Of course we accepted….the money being involved. The Assassin conjured up a magic circle and teleported us to a Dwarven city. Being underground makes you feel as if you’re suffocating. One of the Dwarven guards told us to get off the circle unless we wanted someone else to get stuck inside of us…can that really happen? Another Dwarf in the room seed to be well off. I gave the suggestion of a bit of pickpocketing but then thought better of it. Iamiach, the Tiefling, and Layman, a Goliath, decided to go on with it. I sulked off into a corner. I tossed them a rope, for use in their escape, and scurried off down the stairs. Once down I was blocked off by more guards. Then my companions came down the steps followed by the Dwarf they had tried to rob. They hadn’t gotten anything from him, but he insisted that they stole his cloths…..why he stripped himself down to his small cloth I don’t know. I slipped into the shadows. I couldn’t do much to help Iamiach or Layman. They were swiftly arrested. I stood in the background during their trial. They pleaded innocent. I’ve never seen a judge so eager to shout out the word GUILTY!, which they were to some degree. They ended up working for that lunatic of a judge. He wanted them to find some dangerous villain or other. Some Dwarves dragged them off to where that villain had last been seen. I followed behind on a stolen horse. After a long dusty trip the Dwarves finally let them go to search for the man. Needless to say, once their eyes were off us we disappeared. By the time they realized, we were well on our way to find the Lady Saharel, who then would tell us where to find the book. The only problem with this plan is that Saharel is dead. Her spirit is sometimes seen among some ruins. Not that I have anything against dead people…but usually they have some serious mental issues, the most common one being lack of responsiveness…them being dead and all.


Dude you should write this stuff into a book. It would sell. I’m serious, it would! Don’t look at me like that! I’m not crazy!!! GAhhhhh get back you demon!!!!!!!!!!!


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