Zebulun's account of the adventures of the 4DDS part 3

Ochre Jellies, magic darkness, and metal men

We made it to the ruins of Spellgard, I think it’s called. Me, being a pack rat, started digging around in the rubble. Before I had a chance to find anything, I caught a brown blur in the corner of my eye. The Tiefling said it was a gelatinous glob. Living slime! Ugg…. Worse, it decided that we were food. Gelatin doesn’t eat meat right? After some mildly successful attempts at hacking it apart I came up with the Idea of lighting it on fire. That was followed by the Idea of feeding it a wine bottle full of strong whiskey or some such. I crammed some rope into the mouth of the wine bottle and lit it. The gelatin glob didn’t hesitate to swallow it. We were rewarded with a splash of slime. ugg.. Yes the beggar came up with the bloody Idea that saved the day. Now burn you Leon, stop pointing your nose up in the air. Sorry about that… Now after hacking at what was left of the jelly it split into two little living gelatinous globs that were quickly splattered apart. Not even fifty paces later we ran into some strange folk. Bounty hunters perhaps? Iamaich pick pocketed a severed finger out of one of their pockets…..and unsurprisingly decided to keep it. They mentioned a group of monks were camped to the East, I think it was. They went on their way and we were one finger richer. The Tiefling decided to cast his magical fire on the ground to turn the sand to glass. He reasoned we could then smash through the glass to find if anything was buried. It unleashed a rather unpleasant darkness that grew and grew and grew and grew and… so I dashed off down one of the paths. I found the monks and nuns. Their monastery had burnt down. After being hit on the head and given a “gentle reprimand” by sister someone. Clarice? I purchased some 90% alcohol. Hey, another bomb could come in handy. Hm.. wonder what would happen if we put some of Iamaich’s fungus in it. So I stayed the night there. I was alarmed the next morning finding no one there. I journeyed back to where the Tiefling had triggered the darkness. I found him there and he spoke of these metal men called Warforged. Fortunately they weren’t any problem. They left during the night. Unfortunately we were now getting attacked by an Alabaster…or was it an Arbalaster…no, it was Alabaster…or was that the marble-like stone..then the Arbalaster was the giant crossbow thing? Any way we were attacked by other mechanicals, just not the Warforged. And one of those Ala Arla things that enjoyed shooting giant arrows at us. Yipee I feel so popular…. Even the metal things want a vial of my blood! Probably more than just a vial…



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