Zebulun's account of the adventures of the 4DDS part 4

Living contraptions, Skumm, New..shady...companions, and a decapitated farmer

We climbed onto, with the help of rope, what appeared to be the remains of a tower or balustrade. It was still about five paces above the ground. Well, I climbed up. Iamaich and Bob had a little trouble. After they managed to get up, we managed to disable the Giant Crossbow thing. I guess it was old and malfunctioning. A trap door opened and were-rats and dark cloaked figures pored out. The Cloaked ones seemed to be trying to get a pillar or some such thing, near where Iamaich had met the Warforged. They took care of the metal contraptions, while we stayed hidden. My memory becomes foggy here. Probably because of the explosion. I remember some fire cast down the trapdoor. Then something about some pillar that was up near us. Lighting flashed around it and shards went flying. I believe it was the Tiefling’s fault, though he still denies it. After everything was gone we climbed down the trap door. There we found a strange man, Skumm. A very fitting name. The Tiefling wanted to inject him with wererat blood. Yes Iamaich has a collection of blood. He has a vial of not only wererat blood, but a vial of my own… probably Bob’s too. Well I got hit on the head by a backswing from the cleric’s staff. So I was a bit dazed when Iamaich tricked Skumm to dissolve his finger in some sort of giant bug’s urine. It’s not my fault! I could hardly utter a mumble of warning if I had even realized what was going on. We traveled through the tunnels and found ourselves in a room. We could smell sewage not far off. There was a coffin in the center of the room. The cleric said it was connected to the door by some magical means. We smashed the coffin open and out came a Goliath. Luckily he wasn’t hostile toward us. There was a flash of some magical sorts, and Skumm started clutching his head. He had earlier complained about some noise none of us could hear. Apparently we unlocked some blocked memory of his. He wasn’t named Skumm but rather …um…some odd name I can’t seem to recall. His appearance changed and there was a slight glowing around him. Thankfully the Goliath had a rather large sword which he put to good use. Skumm disappeared in a poof of magic. Thank the maker. The goliath’s name was Josif. He seemed like a rather reasonable fellow…much more so than the Iamaich or Bob. He still was too bloodthirsty for my preference in company. Luckily he decided to travel with us, at least until we were out of the tower, because as soon as we stepped through the door it locked behind us and we were trapped with four animated skeletons and the water level rising. What bloody terrible luck. Or rather what bloody annoying traps. I hate walking skeletons… We had hardly slain two of the skeletons before the water level rose above our heads. All of us other than the Josif passed out from the water. Sewage is awfully hard to swim in.. He managed to finish the skeletons and smash through another door. I slowly faded back into reality. I looked up and saw three companions tied up, not far into the sewer. One a Minotaur, another an Eladrin, the last was a greenish creature I hadn’t ever seen before. His name was Nubius Maximus. We squabbled a little bit then decided to free them. It just so happens that they were looking for the same book. The Fuaran. How convenient! Now, we had a huge walking carpet with horns following us along with a sinister Eladrin that claims to have been sleeping for 125 years of his life, and, pleasantly surprising, a rather nice bard despite his green skin. At least he won’t want to kill every traveler we come across…like a few others whose names have no need to be mentioned…“IAMAICH! Put his arm back! Bob heal it back on! What are you two doing!” Now as I am writing this they just cut off the arm of a farmer…



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