Zebulun's account of the adventures of the 4DDS part 5

Explosions and Wererats

I jumped over the stream of greenish sewage. For a moment I thought I saw a hand come out of the water… ‘shudder’. Must be my imagination. I went scouting ahead of the group. Couldn’t see to far ahead with the tunnel branching off. I heard a splash and turned to see Bob trip right into the water…er sewage. I would have burst out laughing if it wasn’t for the consistency of the sludge. I ran further ahead to throw a rope for him. I stumbled near a bridge as a hand reached out to grab me. AHHG! More living skeletons! I hate those, as you should already know. I leaped off its skull, kicking it back down. I readied the rope and moved away from where the skeleton had attacked. I swung it around my head but let it slip…ever so slightly. I mean anyone could have made the mistake. It sailed into Maximus’s head….sorry Max. Well, with no help from me. Bob managed to get out of the water…There were some noises up ahead. Some scuffling of small claws. Then more footsteps. Ahead of us on another wooden bridge, there was a giant spider! Ggaaa! As if skeletons weren’t enough. There were cloaked figures that seemed to be prodding it to chase a fleeing wererat. We remained unknown to them… Looking at the frailty of the bridge they were on I quickly started throwing things together for another flash of flame. I poured a quart of the distilled liquor into a wine bottle. I followed that up with ten sling bullets and some of Iamaich’s fungi. Oh yes…ooohhh yesss…..this was going to be bloody…with very little of ours. There was a considerable gap filled with sewage between us and the dark creepers. Just to be absolutely sure that the ‘bomb’ got close enough, I leaped over the sickly green sewage and placed the bottle next to them. They, greatly surprised, didn’t realize what it was until… Fwoosh! Iamaich lit it with his arcane powers. I rolled over the edge just in time, but not into the sewage mind you. I held myself below the edge. They were knocked off into the sewage. The bridge groaned dangerously. Worms appeared around and inside of it, eating it away. The giant spider and the last dark creeper fell in and were swept away. Someone decided it would be a good time to dent my skull in. I woke up with them babbling about a giant monster. It was gone for now though. We found the wererat and he (I think it was a he) lead us to his camp, seeing that we saved his life and all. The ‘leader’, a head taller than any of the others, was very displeased with the rat for bringing us to the camp. After giving him a short tongue lashing he turned his attention to us. We asked if he could lead us to the tower, but he was skeptical of our ability to stay alive once there. Trying to impress him I swiftly produced my knives and started juggling… Apparently, right after a concussion is not the best time to try impressing anyone…



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