Zebulun's account of the adventures of the 4DDS part 6

I took first watch. I don’t like being woken up in the middle of the night to take a later one. So I squatted at the mouth of the tunnel we came in through. I hoped it would be an uneventful watch. No such luck. No such luck at all. I turned to find a strangely pale man behind me. Needless to say there shouldn’t be any men in the camp, besides my companions, it being a wererat camp. He greeted me by name. His voice was strangely slow, a bit… I don’t know how to explain it. Now to my surprise as well he said I work for Thoran! The man I’m trying to kill? No another Thoran. How many people go by that name? I explained that I didn’t or at least had no memory of working for Thoran. He muttered something about me not remembering.. strange man. He said his time was short and was going to.. what was it…anyway it had something to do with my head. Then he vanished. For a moment I thought it was a dream, that I had fallen asleep on my watch, but then I felt a burning, not painful, more of glowing warmth behind my eye. I noticed a wererat coming to relive me of watch. I mumbled that everything was fine and went over to the embers that were left from the campfire. It’s a funny thing that we always want to excuse strange things as dreams and hallucinations. The next morning one of the wererats led us toward the tower to find Thoran. After an uneventful trek through a maze of tunnels and sewers we made it out of the base of the tower. The wererat scurried off back toward the camp. The tower was strangely built. It had a higher radius at the top than at the base. Not very structurally sound, I would say. As we traveled up, we found a room with a chest inside. A strange creature was knelt before the chest. Then dust swirled around him. It howled in pain then just as swiftly its skeleton clattered onto the floor. Then it disappeared. Now I knew I shouldn’t but my curiosity of what might be in the chest overcame my better judgment. It had a peculiar lock. I wedged Iamaich’s pieces of basilisk and a few iron plates into the intricate lock. With a little help from the Eladrin I managed to open the chest. There were a few jewels inside and…suddenly dust started swirling around me…it began turning a blood red color…now that could have meant just about anything, but in my panic I assumed it was going to devour my flesh just like the ghostly image I had seen before. It started clinging to my armor, glowing something of a fierce red ruby or of fire… I forgot to mention that Iamaich stayed outside of the room, odd, he’s usually the more reckless. Only I, the Eladrin, and Bob had come into the room, the Eladrin being very hesitant to do so. Now, just as I was about to promise the god Bahamut to pay back the merchant who I stole this armor from, everything stopped. I opened my eyes, hadn’t realized that I had shut them, and looked around. Everyone was alive and well including me! The last part’s the only one that matters- them being psychopathic killers and all. It could have been a mercy to the poor civilians if they had died…oh toss that thought in the ditch, they’re great companions if only a little violent… The dust had mostly stuck to my leather armor. Now red veins grew and the leather took on a moist blood color. The dark color you get when you soak a cloth in blood until it cannot sponge up any more… I’ve gotten used to seeing that color during my travels. Pleasantly so. hahahaha..



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