Zebulun's account of the adventures of the 4DDS part 7

Blood and Bloody Ashes and Haversacks

After we recovered from the shock we headed up the tower. The Eladrin and I climbed up one ladder while the others climbed the ladder across the room. We heard voices through the door to our right.
After we grouped together we smashed the door of its hinges, preparing to kill whoever was inside. It turned out that they were hired men. They did not have a shred of loyalty to Thoran other than what was bought. We struck a bargain with them. They would signal a distress outside of the tower to lure guards away if we enlightened them on the way out of the tower. They seemed rather honest… but a dozen threats never hurt….just to be sure and all. Once the dark creeper guards left we headed further up the tower. There we met Thoran.
He was alone, but chanting some magic blasphemy or other. The cleric realized that he was trying to trap Saharel, or rather her unresponsive spirit. He turned and noticed us…oh bloody ashes. A dark creeper appeared, larger than the rest, oh blood and bloody ashes! I closed the gap, ineffectively… I barely nicked Thoran’s cloak. Iamaich was inaccurate as well. Bob believed that we would not be able to kill the dark creeper, because he was summoned from Thoran’s realm or some such nonsense.
Thoran swung his large sword around, knocking me down, possibly someone else as well but I was too stunned to notice. I decided close combat might not be the best Idea at the moment. I managed to get away for a time, and then flanked him while his attention was on Bob. Then I was able to get a knife into his back. Well Bob looked as if he was about to collapse from the battering, and the dark creeper was closing in. Iamaich cast some of his witchery onto Thoran and he collapsed into a heap. Thankfully Bob was correct and the dark creeper disappeared.
Now we had time to look around the room. Light! We were in an armory. I found a short sword that was hot to the touch. Iamaich found a haversack that was larger on the inside…mind bending gahhh! Bob and Iamaich split a bunch of magical items between themselves. The rest found some other weapons. Now we turned our attention to the magical cage that Saharel was captive in. After a lot of whispering we decided against finishing Thoran’s spell and trapping her…it’s never a good idea to have a magical spirit on your bad side….I wonder if Iamaich knows that from experience….. We freed her and the weak magical barrier whisked away. We each got to ask her one question.
Then the Warforged that we had met earlier came trampling in. They barely noticed us. Their leader asked what his purpose was…it would be terrible to be a machine made for the sole purpose of war. She sent him to where he would find his answer…good luck to them…as long as their answer doesn’t bring unforeseen consequences…there is too much that one can’t know…on the bright side, Iamaich now knows his fungus is happy….that was a joke he didn’t ask Saharel that…but he was thinking it. Oh dear…what buffoons they all can be. The worse I’m ever at is temporary insanity with a few dead bodies littering my path…oh…that is worse.


Man sam, you sure can write! =^)


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