A chaotic priest whose actions seem random.




One day he was bored so he went to his local bar and joined up with a few slightly random persons who were then all sent to jail for no apparent reason. They were then thrown into a series of events beyond their understanding, almost as if they were being controlled by giant beings…

How did Bob become half ghost-panda, you ask?
Well… Get comfortable, because this could take awile.

His parents were gypsies,fortune tellers, phonys, loony-bins or as you may know: sorcerers. His father had always been fascinated with animals, of the Kinwhooahh region in particular. On one of his many trips, he decided to bring Bob, a newborn baby, with him. As he watched the majestic white and black giant pandas, something seemed off.

Towards the back of the troop was a… Cold it be…?
“A ghost panda?” he exclaimed.
Indeed it was. It had a purplish hue to it, as if it had been colored with the same dye used to make medicine. Then, the panda disappeared and reappeared right behind him!
“Wha….?” The panda started to lumber towards Bob, his father standing there, paralyzed by the pure awesomeness radiated by the ghostly figure. Baby Bob stared, for he too was transfixed. As the panda was within paws reach of Bob, he stopped. His essence seemed to fluctuate, becoming less transparent, flowing towards Bob. The panda’s essence seemed to blow away, like a light wind blowing sand across the ground. After the panda was completely gone, Bob relaxed, as if
released from a spell. His father came back to his senses, rushing towards his son.
“Are you OK?” he asked, but realizing his son was a baby he felt no smarter than a bugbear.
“I’m fine, Pa,” said a man’s voice.
Bob’s dad whirled around, searching through the bamboo stalks for the source of the voice.
“Im right here, duh!” said the voice again.
The voice came from his arms.
As Bob’s father stood there, transfixed,
knowing his son had been touched by greatness, he realized that Bob’s eyes had become the same
color as the ghost panda’s!


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